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Horary Astrology And It's Benefits

Category Horary Astrology and its Benefits

Horary astrology is a form of astrology where the astrologer tries to answer a question by creating a horoscope exactly at the time a person asks a question. In Hindi, also known as Prashan Kundali. This is a branch of astronomy performed and calculated if a seeker has a specific and specific question. Astrologers use it when there is doubt at birth or at birth just not available. If done correctly, it is similar to the actual horoscope and may be considered as a substitute for the original horoscope at that particular time if the seeker asks the question. So, even with limited or limited knowledge, the seeker can still find real information. We are grateful our senior members have been so kind to people for providing this information to the generations and for helping them respond to the dark side.


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