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March 16, 2021 175 people Latest news

Smart tips

* Do not keep three chocolates in the kitchen, this may cause trouble in the house.

* Always keeping jaggery in the kitchen is considered a sign of happiness and peace.

* Do not forget the broken utensils and use them, because of this, there is an atmosphere of disturbance in the house.

* Do not burn the stove in the dark, it may cause pain from the child side.

* Do not keep turmeric with salt or nearby, doing so may cause hallucinations.

* Never cry in the kitchen, doing so leads to the malaise.

* The kitchen should be facing east ie the cook's mouth should be in the east direction only.

* If your kitchen is in an area other than igneous or aerial angle, then at least the position of the burner is only towards the Agni or aerial angle.

* The cleanliness and cleanliness of the kitchen should not be less than any temple. By doing this, the grace of mother Annapurna remains.

* South-east area is best to use for kitchen, but the north-west area can be used as an option where there is no facility, but north-east, central and south-west area should always be discarded.

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