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Vastu for Residence

March 17, 2021 171 people Latest news

How to remove Vastu-dosha?

- At the entrance of the house, give place to green Ganapati, a Vaastu Deoshka. Apply light green or yellow color on the outside walls.

- Put Vastu Mangalakri Yantra on the main door.

- Place Ganapati in the main worship of the house.

Dining room

* Color light green or light blue in the dining area.

* If you eat food at a dining table or in a group, then do not pay attention to the directions, but the head of the household or special guest must face in the east direction and that place should never be empty. In the absence of Swami, the leader who is in that group sits there.

* By eating eastward, a man's life increases, eating towards the south leads to phantom, eating by facing to the west, a person is sick, and eating from the northward side of life and wealth.

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