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Vastu for Commercial

March 22, 2021 165 people Latest news

When buying a plot

The purchase of a piece of land requires some extra precautions compared to buying a built house. Land buyers need to check before finalizing a deal.

1. It is considered auspicious to increase the length of the plot in the east-west direction instead of the north-south direction.

2. Heavy goods should be placed in the plot or building in the corner of the south-west direction.

3. Large plot is an indicator of prosperity provided it does not contain sewerage or cracks.

4. It is not considered good to leave more free space towards the south or north direction while building a building or factory.

5. The shape of the plot being rectangular or square is considered good in Vastu.

>When does the plot turn auspicious

East and Aagney Disha should be high and west and west are low or south and Aagney Disha should be high and west and north are low, middle and other directions should below.

West direction should be high and northeast and low or Aagney Disha should be high and light and low in the north direction.

North direction should be high and Aagney Disha, low and north direction or low, north and west direction should be high and low.

A rectangular or square plot is auspicious.

East-west length should be less and north-west length should be more.

Gomukhakar and long circular plots are considered very auspicious.

>When is the plot inauspicious

When the corner of Ishaan is chopped.

A small plot is stuck between two big plots.

If the face of the plot (the door of the house) is in pre-Aagney, barren, or vyavya.

The plot should consist of rocky ground or large pits.

If the northeast angle comes rounding.

Take off in the south, North should be high.

If there is a slope in the neighborhood plot.'

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