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March 28, 2021 316 people Latest news

Do not keep these things even at home

If suddenly your days start changing, good days turn into bad days, then you will be able. If this happens to you, then pay attention to the things kept in your own house. Often some things kept at home start to suffer after a time.

According to Indian Vastu Shastra, what should be kept in the house and what not? It is important to know. Many times a person's fate is stalled by a small thing or he has to face some kind of misfortune. Remember inanimate object has its own energy.

Do not keep these things in the house without forgetting, otherwise your waste will start on the day. These things should not be kept in the house, due to which negative energy develops in the house and life becomes miserable. First we will tell about the items you know about which you will be surprised to know about the last five items.

Do not keep these pictures: It is said that the picture of the Mahabharata war, the image of Nataraja, the picture of the Taj Mahal, a sinking boat or ship, fountains, pictures of wild animals, pictures of someone's tomb or darga, graves and thorny plants should not be placed in the house needed. It is said that this has a bad effect on the mind and by continuously looking at these pictures, only negative emotions develop, due to which good events in our life stop happening.

Bag of old or torn clothes: Often people keep a bundle of torn or old clothes in the wardrobe or diwan of homes. However, some people leave clothes that have become unusable and keep them in the lower part of the kabard or cupboard.

Roof of the house: According to Vastu, even the dirt lying on the roof of the house can increase the cash tightness. Barkat of the family has a bad effect. Keep in mind that do not keep waste or waste on the roof of the house. Keeping junk and waste items puts pressure on the minds and minds of family members. It is believed that Pitra dosha also arises from it.

Purse or vault: The purse should not be torn and the vault should not be broken. Place religious and sacred items in the purse or vault that increase positive energy and which the mind is happy to see. If you keep five cardamoms in the purse, Barkat will remain. Do not keep money or money here and there. A place should be appointed to keep them. Rupees should not be scattered in the pocket also.

Do not keep keys or any type of impure objects in the purse. You can keep pictures of God in your purse. Similarly, in addition to the rupees in the vault, you can keep gold, silver or jewelery only. Check books, pass books, money transaction papers, capital investment papers can also be kept. You can also keep betel nut, Sriyantra, Kubera Yantra, etc.

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