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Vastu Tips for Kitchen Consultant

April 01, 2021 183 people Latest news

The wrong direction of the kitchen can spoil your health and relationships too

Nowadays there is a lot of confusion and confusion among people regarding Vastu. Whereas this should not happen. The basic foundation of Vastu Shastra is land, water, air and light, which is very important for life. Due to imbalance in them, it is natural to produce negative effects. This can be further clarified by example - Why do we walk on the left side of the road, because walking on the left side of the road is a simple rule of traffic. If the rule is violated, the probability of accident increases. In the same way, not following the rules of Vastu affects not only the health of the person, but also their relationship.

In Vastu, there are some fixed places of the kitchen, so we should make the kitchen right there. According to Vastu Shastra, kitchen, chimney, furnace, smoke chimney etc. are fixed in particular part of the house, so that the velocity of the air does not spread the smell of smoke and food in other rooms and it does not deteriorate the health and living .

Kitchen misdirection

* If the kitchen is in the south west corner, then the people living here are always sick.

* If the fire in the house is in a horizontal angle, then people living here often quarrel. There is a lack of peace in the mind and many kinds of problems have to be faced.

* If the fire is in the north direction, then people living here lose money.

* If the fire is in northeast, disease and quarrels are more. Along with this, there is also a decrease in money loss and increase in offspring.

* If the fire is in the central part of the house, then people living here have to face all kinds of problems.

* If the well is adjacent to the kitchen, the homeowner will be fickle. She will always be tired and tired due to excessive workload.

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