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Kitchen Vastu Tips

April 03, 2021 177 people Latest news

Where is the kitchen?

* The kitchen should always be in an igneous angle.

* South-east area is best for kitchen. By the way, it can also be made in the northwest.

* If the fire in the house is in an igneous angle, then the people living here will never get sick. These people always lead a happy life.

* If the fire in the building is in the east direction, then there is not much damage to the people living here.

* The kitchen should always be in an angular angle, east direction or it should be in the middle of these two. By the way, the best direction for the kitchen is igneous.

What to do and what not to do

* Store the kitchen, store room, fridge and utensils etc. on the north-west side.

* Keep wheat, flour, rice etc. grains in the southwest part of the kitchen.

* Never burn or keep gas, stove, etc. in the middle of the kitchen.

* Never cook food facing north. It is only a matter of few days, in such a situation, do not cook food keeping the stove in the north direction.

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