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April 06, 2021 230 people Latest news

According to Vastu, do not forget these 12 pictures in the house

According to Vastu, the role of photographs is very important in enhancing the beauty of the house. The pictures should be such that one not only feels good by seeing but also brings positive energy to the house. Some people, according to their nature, but such pictures in the house, which have inauspicious or bad effects, such as - family discord, worsening financial condition, the spread of disease, etc. We hear about similar pictures, which can start a bad time by putting them in the house.

1. Don't forget to put pictures or posters of the Mahabharata war at home. Putting pictures of war increases family discord in the house or creates an atmosphere of discord in the house, which has a bad effect on married life.

2. Do not put pictures of fighting and fights in the house, such as animals while hunting, animals while fighting, etc. By putting such pictures in the house, the atmosphere of the house is spoiled. Seeing such pictures every day, the nature of the family is also violent.

3. Do not forget to put photos of the ship and boat that have stayed, drowned, or damaged in the house. This causes damage to the house.

4. Many people are fond of keeping the Taj Mahal at home, but according to Vastu, things like the Taj Mahal, Tomb, Samadhi Sthal should not be kept in the house. Keeping this kind of stuff brings a negative feelings.

5. Do not forget the photo of running water, waterfall, and fountain in the house. Applying these kinds of pictures increases the expense.

6. There should not be any faucet in the bathroom or kitchen that always drips water. This also increases extravagance.

7. Do not put such photos in the house, which tell the past. By doing this, negative energy is transmitted in the house.

8. Similarly, do not put historical and historical photographs in the house, which reflect the past.

9. Most people have a habit that they put a photo of God in every room. According to the object, this is not right. If you want to apply, then you can put a photo of Radha-Krishna. Applying this brings sweetness to married life.

10. Putting old and cut pictures of God results in financial loss.

11. According to Vastu, it is very inauspicious to put a photo of the setting sun in the house. By doing this, economic progress in the house stops.

12. Pictures of thorns and bushes should not be placed in the house. Applying such pictures increases the obstructions in life.

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