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April 10, 2021 152 people Latest news

Nine Vastu tips for dining room

  • According to Vastu, building a dining room leads to an increase in food and money. If you also want to increase the wealth of your home, then follow the Vastu tips mentioned here and then see their effect. East, south, and west directions are good for making a dining room. You can choose any one direction at your convenience.

  • To color the walls of the dining room, choose pink or orange. Both these colors are auspicious for the dining room.

  • If possible, choose a separate room for the dining room

  • Do not make the mistake of keeping the dining table close to the wall. Keep it in the middle of the room.

  • Do not set a dining room or dining table next to the bathroom.

  • To increase food and money in the house, place a mirror on the north, north, or east direction wall of the dining room.

  • Prioritize dining tables with round shapes.

  • Do not buy a dining table with sharp edges.

  • Do not place a dining table right in front of the main gate.
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