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April 13, 2021 207 people Latest news

Do many people ask if can astrology really predict the future? Can horoscope today or horoscope weekly be relied upon? Now, let's read below why astrology is real science! Predictive astrology also popularly know as Phalit Jyotish refers to the study in which the auspicious and inauspicious effects of planets and stars are studied on humans and the earth. The meaning of the word astrology is related to planets and constellations.

Earth-based astrology refers to the study in which the auspicious and inauspicious effects of planets and stars are studied on humans and the earth. Although with this word, the residents of mathematics (Siddhanta) astrology can see the sun moving in it. Their number is Aries begins at the equator and the equator of the ecliptic. In western astrology, considering the current property of equinoxes and revolutions as the starting point, 12 zodiac signs of 30 degrees each are imagined. In Indian astrology, Aries, etc. is calculated as the point of contact with the Surya Siddhanta texts.Now let us read below some astrological facts that will help us give an understanding about Astrology:-

There are auspicious and inauspicious yogas in astrology. If auspicious yoga gives auspicious results according to its quality, inauspicious yoga gives inauspicious results. One of the inauspicious yogas is Vishayoga. How it is formed and its effect Happens, let's see.

Condition of Visha Yoga: (Combinations for Visha Yoga)

Visha Yoga is formed in the horoscope based on the placement of Saturn and Moon. When the conjunction of Saturn and Moon occurs, inauspicious poisoning is formed. This yoga is formed when the third, seventh or 10th aspect of Saturn on the Moon in the Ascendant (Saturn's 3rd, 7th, or 10th aspect in Ascendant). Saturn is in Pushya constellation in Cancer and Moon is in Shravan Nakshatra in Capricorn and both If there is an alternating yoga or Chandra and Shani are in opposite positions and both have inter -aspects of Saturn and Moon, then the state of poison is formed. Sun in the 8th house (Sun in 8th house) , This yoga is also considered when Moon is in the 6th house and Saturn is in the 12th house. If Rahu is in the eighth position in the horoscope and Saturn is in Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio ascendant (Saturn in Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio) then Vishayoga is to be suffered.

The result of Shani Chandra's combination in Vishyoga: (Result for Visha yoga formed by Moon-Saturn Conjunction)

The person whose combination of Saturn and Moon in the 1st house (horoscope) in the first house (combination of Saturn and Moon in the 1st house) is often ill due to the effect of Vishayoga. Shankalu and Vahmi are of nature. In the person's horoscope, this yoga is formed in the second house (vish yoga in 2nd house). The ancestral property does not give happiness. They do not have very good relations with Kutumbajan. In the upper parts of the throat They face problems. Employment and business have to face hurdles and obstacles.Now lets be honest and ask ourselves.Have we not been in a similar situation? This is can be checked in your Own Horoscope.Lets read more !!

In the third place (vish yoga in 3rd house), is inauspicious. They have to face health problems mostly Breadth related. vish yoga of 4th house is painful for mother. If this yoga is done for a woman's horoscope If there is a possibility of disease, there is a fear of poisonous insects and there is a decrease in home happiness.It is painful for the child in the fifth house (vish yoga in 5th house). In the sixth house (6th house), this yoga is a sign of non-cooperation from the maternal side. The fear of theft and secret enemies also remains in this house.

The seventh place is the house of marriage and married life in the horoscope (7th house is the house of marriage and life partner). In this sense, vish yoga causes confusion and trouble in married life. One of the wife's wife is mostly ill. There is no good relationship with the in-laws. Business partnership makes a loss. Chandra and Shani in the seventh house combination of Saturn and Moon in 8th house is considered to be the cause of suffering at the time of death. There is a possibility of accident when vish yoga is in this house. The poisoning of 9th house gives skin related diseases. Blockers in luck and failures in actions. In the 10th house it is not favorable from the father's side as it creates property disputes. The job is troublesome and the authorities fear it. The last in the eleventh house (11th house) Time is painful and there is no happiness from children. A person is deprived of success and true friends. In the 12th house it becomes a victim of despair, bad habits and luxuries and desires.

Remedies for Visha Yoga: Worshiping Lord Neelkanth Mahadev and chanting the Mahamrityujaya mantra provides benefits in poison yoga. The worship of Shani Dev and the moon is also Kalyankari.

Lets read and see if you can find more information that relates to you or your lifes circumstances so that you can look at the remedies and help yourself.

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