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Astrologers for Love Problem

May 06, 2021 142 people Latest news

The result of Shani Chandra's combination in Vishyoga: (Result for Visha yoga formed by Moon-Saturn Conjunction)

The person whose combination of Saturn and Moon in the 1st house (horoscope) in the first house (combination of Saturn and Moon in the 1st house) is often ill due to the effect of Vishayoga. Shankalu and Vahmi are of nature. In the person's horoscope, this yoga is formed in the second house (vish yoga in 2nd house). The ancestral property does not give happiness. They do not have very good relations with Kutumbajan. In the upper parts of the throat They face problems. Employment and business have to face hurdles and obstacles.Now lets be honest and ask ourselves.Have we not been in a similar situation? This is can be checked in your Own Horoscope.Lets read more !!

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