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May 08, 2021 161 people Latest news

The seventh place is the house of marriage and married life in the horoscope (7th house is the house of marriage and life partner). In this sense, vish yoga causes confusion and trouble in married life. One of the wife's wife is mostly ill. There is no good relationship with the in-laws. Business partnership makes a loss. Chandra and Shani in the seventh house combination of Saturn and Moon in 8th house is considered to be the cause of suffering at the time of death. There is a possibility of accident when vish yoga is in this house. The poisoning of 9th house gives skin related diseases. Blockers in luck and failures in actions. In the 10th house it is not favorable from the father's side as it creates property disputes. The job is troublesome and the authorities fear it. The last in the eleventh house (11th house) Time is painful and there is no happiness from children. A person is deprived of success and true friends. In the 12th house it becomes a victim of despair, bad habits and luxuries and desires.

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