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May 12, 2021 225 people Latest news

Livelihood related to Guru and other planets - Careers and Business related to Jupiter and other planets

In the livelihood space, when there are other planets with the Guru, it becomes more clear that in which area you should try for livelihood. Keeping in mind that with which planet the Guru is sitting in your horoscope or with which planets are related to them, if you choose your livelihood, then it is possible that you will move towards success quickly and easily. On this basis, you can see that if your horoscope-

If Guru and Surya are concerned, then you should try to get a higher position in the government sector. If you take an education in law, then you can become a judge or a government lawyer. You can sit on all the high posts related to Ambassador, District Magistrate, and Government. If you are interested in politics, you can contest for the post of Mayor, Head, and Minister. 8851392182

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