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May 15, 2021 172 people Latest news

Relationship of Guru and Mercury - Relationship of Jupiter and Mercury on your Careers and Business

If Mercury is forming a relationship with a guru in the horoscope, then you can search for your livelihood in any field of art. In addition to writing, printing and press work can be successful. If you want, you can earn fame and money by becoming a professional photographer. Insurance, bank job, and accountant work may be good for you in terms of a job.

Relationship of Guru and Venus - Relationship of Jupiter and Venus on your Careers and Business

Guru and Venus are enemy planets but both are natural auspicious planets. If there is a relationship between the two planets in the tenth house, then you can earn a name in the world of art, ie film, stage, and television. You can also do a job in these related fields. You can also try to become a radio jockey. From the business point of view, the business of silk fabrics, flowers business, and perfume business will be beneficial.

Relationship of Guru and Shani - Relationship of Jupiter and Saturn on your Careers and Business

Due to the relationship between Guru and Saturn in the place of livelihood, the work related to farming is beneficial in terms of livelihood. Animal husbandry is also beneficial. Grocery stores and wheat trade grow day by day. You can also be successful in the field of teaching.

Relationship of Guru and Rahu - Relationship of Jupiter and Rahu on your Careers and Business

The work-related to new technologies and the work of automobiles is beneficial if both these planets are related to the ten-house sense. From the point of view of livelihood, change of currency and work of an astrologer is also beneficial.

Relationship of Guru and Ketu - Relationship of Jupiter and Ketu on your Careers and Business

If the Guru is sitting in the tenth house of the horoscope and Ketu is also there, it is beneficial to do the cosmetics business as a livelihood. The business of medicines and the work related to chemicals also gives rise. As a leader of religious institutions, livelihood is good. If there is a combination of both these planets in your horoscope, then you can also become undercover.

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