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May 17, 2021 253 people Latest news

Similarities between Mars and Ketu

Both Mars and Ketu are zealous planets. However, their enthusiasm does not last long. Like the boil of milk, his passion starts touching the sky as soon as it becomes cold. Therefore, people affected by these do not stay on an issue for long, they soon lose their enthusiasm and get out of the issue (People influenced by Mars and Ketu works in extremes.Getting quickly excited and quickly losing excitement).They progress a lot in politics and government affairs. Instead of being governed, they find it interesting to rule. Both Mars and Ketu are said to be painful, violent, and hard-heated. When both these planets are auspicious, they give honor, respect and wealth fill the house.

Differences between Mars and Ketu

Mars has physical and non-physical differences similar to Saturn and Rahu in Ketu, that is, Mars is present as a physical body in the solar system, while Ketu is the linguistic point of the lunar path of the moon where the moon crosses the path of the earth and moves towards south. . Mars has two planets Aries and Scorpio while Ketu does not have its own zodiac sign. Ketu, like Rahu, occupies the amount in which it is present.

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