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When Mangal comes to do something for someone due to his nature, he is ready to sacrifice his life for him. But, the other aspect of its might is that if it comes to hostility, then it does not back down from even taking life. Ketu also has a similar feature that when it comes on renunciation, it takes sadism. It does not take time even to renounce the majestic pleasures, but, when it is desired to be found, it turns the hut into a palace with its cleverness and diplomacy.

The idea of ​​marriage to astrology Determination of marriage prospects as per astrology

In astrology, Upapada is seen as an important factor for the idea of ​​marriage. The second and seventh houses and their owners from Uppad and Dara Karak are also considered in the context of marriage. It has been said in this subject that if a planet is auspicious in the second house and has its supremacy or is situated in the seventh house from the guru (Jupiter Karkamsa) and the moon Karkamsa (Moon Karkamsa), then a beautiful life partner is attained. If a planet is inauspicious in the second house, then more than one marriage is indicated. When Mercury is in the seventh house from the factor, the spouse is read and written. If the moon is in the seventh house due to carcance, then there is a possibility of marriage abroad.

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