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May 19, 2021 356 people Latest news

There is a possibility of risk in the life of the spouse if an inauspicious sign is located in the second house or if there is the sight of an inauspicious planet on it. Saturn being in the seventh house from the Saturn Karkamsa suggests that the life of the spouse will be more. Being in the seventh house from Rahu Karkance indicates that the person can be in contact with those who have lost their spouse and desire to remarry. It has been told in astrology that if the Sun is in another house or there is Leo in this house, then the life partner has longevity. Similarly, in the second house, if there is an inactive planet or if the planet sitting in this house is in self-respect, then the life of the life partner is long. If the planet sitting in another house is in a higher zodiac sign or there is Gemini in this house, then there is a possibility of more than one marriage. There is a possibility of differences and differences in marital life when the combination of Rahu and Shani is in the second house.

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