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May 21, 2021 158 people Latest news

Assessing the qualities of a woman from ninth

The woman whose Navamsa is in the Guru triangle with Mercury and Lagna in the horoscope is devoted to her husband and follows the limits of marital life. This condition also occurs when Venus is in the Lagna.

The woman is intelligent and humble, whose moon is in the Taurus sign in the ninth horoscope, and Mercury and Venus are in the fourth house. If Ketu is sitting in the Ascendant or in the triangle in the ninth-month horoscope, the lack of good qualities in a woman is indicated. The presence of Saturn in the ascendant or triangle in the ninth-month horoscope is also not considered an auspicious symptom as it is found lacking in beauty and feminine qualities in a woman. Ketu in the Ascendant or triangle in the ninth month exposes the feeling of revenge in a woman. Due to the sight of Mars at the Lagna place in a woman's horoscope, the woman is of an angry nature.

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