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May 22, 2021 178 people Latest news

Wearing time and planet friendly gems

The gemstone has charismatic powers. If the jewels are worn at the right time and by observing the correct position of the planets, then they get positive effect otherwise the gemstones give opposite effect. Like jewels, there is also mutual disenchantment in the gems, hence any It is also necessary to know that you can wear other gems with gemstones.

Sun's Gemstone Ruby

Ruby is the gemstone of Sun in the Manikya planets (Ruby is the gemstone of Sun). If the Sun in your horoscope is sitting in an auspicious position in some house, then to increase the auspiciousness of that house and the effect of the Sun, you should wear manikya. If Sun is not auspicious, then wearing Manikya does not give positive effect. According to astrology, if Sun is in the third, sixth or eleventh house, then it should be worn. To make lagna balwan, one should wear the gemstone of the sun. In the eighth house, wearing a ruby, ie ruby, is pleasing for family and marital life. Similarly, wearing this gemstone even when the sun is in the fifth or ninth is positive. The effect is achieved.

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