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May 24, 2021 152 people Latest news

Mars's Gemstone Coral

Coral is the gemstone of Mars, the commander of the planet Mars. This gem should be worn when Mars is situated in the horoscope by being the lord of the auspicious house. In this state, the auspiciousness of Mars increases, and the person gets benefited. is combust or afflicted) Even then, wearing coral is auspicious. In this case of coral, wearing coral reduces its inauspicious effect.

Mercury's Gemstone Emerald

On the planets, the color of Prince Mercury is green (Emerald is the lucky gemstone of Mercury). And the color of their gemstone is also green. The gem of Buddha is emerald. The lord of the intellect. The gem of this planet should be worn only when Mercury in the horoscope is the master of auspicious sentiment. This causes a further increase in its ominous effect.

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