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May 27, 2021 149 people Latest news

According to the law of astrology, if the aspect of Jupiter is on Mars in the seventh house (aspect of Jupiter on Mars) then the horoscope does not suffer from Manglik Dosh. Mars zodiac sign is in Sagittarius or Pisces (Mars in Jupiter's sign, ie Sagittarius or Pisces) or combination of Rahu and Mars with Rahu, then the person can marry anyone according to his choice as he is free from Manglik defects. If in the horoscope of one of the spouse If Mars is defective and if the male planet is placed in the same house as Rahu or Saturn in the same house, then Mars defect is cut off. The same type of fruit is also found in that situation while the third, sixth of the horoscope of one of the spouse. In the eleventh house (3rd, 6th and 11th house), the sin planets Rahu, Mars or Saturn are present.

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