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June 20, 2021 144 people Latest news

The Moon's jewel is found among the planets (Pearl is the gemstone of the Moon). When the moon is in an auspicious mood in the horoscope, the pearl should be worn only when the moon produces the best fruit, according to astrological mode. Astrology indicates that if the moon is the 2nd lord of the moon in the horoscope (when Moon is the 2nd lord), then you should wear a pearl. Similarly, if you are born in the tenth house after the fifth house, you should wear a pearl. Wearing the moon in whatever way in the horoscope of the horoscope is helpful (Kundali of Scorpio Moonsign). Moti is extremely advantageous to anyone who has the sin planet Rahu Ketu or Mars on the moon in their horoscope. 8851392182

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