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June 09, 2021 117 people Latest news

Now neither the year is over nor the epidemic, know how the next year will be:-

Everything is decided from the beginning and end of the Vikram Samvat because it is a tried-and-tested calendar of nature. The Vedas and other texts describe the position, distance, and speed of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and the constellations. A completely accurate almanac has been created by dividing day and night and other tributaries on the earth by the value of position, distance, and speed. Almanac- Based on the date, war, constellation, yoga, and Karan-based almanacs, Sauramas, Chandramas, Nakshatramas, and Sawanaman, etc. have been made. Based on this, the distinction of the year has also been made. Each year is called Navamsavatsar. Each Samvatsara has a different name. A total of 60 Samvatsaras have been described and the nature of each Samvatsara has also been told differently. That is, we also get a description of which event will happen in which year, in the books of astrology theory. 8851392182

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