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June 12, 2021 204 people Latest news

According to the speed of Jupiter, there are twelve yugas in the sixty years and there are five vatsas in each era. The names of the twelve yugas are - Prajapati, Dhata, Vrisha, Spend, Khar, Durmukh, Plav, Parabhava, Rrodhikarat, Anal, Dermati, and Kshaya. Of the five vatsaras of each era, the first one is named Samvatsara. The second is Parivatsara, the third is Idvatsar, the fourth is Anuvatsar and the fifth is Yugavatsar. The 12 years have been considered the year of Jupiter. This year is calculated by the order of rising and setting of Jupiter. It has 361-day years of 60 different names. It is believed to be the beginning of Jupiter's changing zodiac sign. 8851392182

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