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June 25, 2021 98 people Latest news

'Live in Relationship': At present, there is a deadly trend going on against religion 'Live in Relationship'. Its side effects are also being seen. Most of the girls' lives have been ruined due to this practice. At least 200 cases are registered in the police station in every major city and court proceedings are going on against them.

The personality and life of men or women who do not commit religiously, do not marry, but live in relationships through so-called mutual understanding, are revealed by what they are? By living in a live-in relationship, such people are trying to destroy the holy purpose of the institution of marriage by polluting society, but this is their mistake. This will further strengthen the usefulness of the institution of marriage, as the downfall of live-in dwellers is ensured only when they decide to remain so. In this case, the boy is always in advantage, because while it is a modern form of polygamy, it is a brute relationship. It is said that it is only proper to excommunicate the kulanashak sons or daughters from society or religion, otherwise they will swallow the whole society with their disease. 8851392182

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