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June 30, 2021 211 people Latest news

There are also many people who do not get married according to Vedic Hindu rituals but get married in other arbitrary ways. They do not even care about these Muhurta, timing, Ashtakoot matching, Mangaldosh, etc. Its side effects also manifest themselves. Actually, marriage in Hinduism is not only a sacrament, but it is completely such a scientific method, which ensures the further life of a person and which gives the right condition and direction to his future. Marriage in the Hindu religion is not a contract or agreement, but it is a spiritual relationship decided by well thought out astrological basis knowing the present and destiny. There is no transaction of any kind in this marriage. According to Hindu marriage rites, giving to a daughter is the biggest dowry. However, the word 'dowry' is not mentioned anywhere in the scriptures. This evil practice is prevalent in society. 8851392182

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