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July 04, 2021 106 people Latest news

If your wife has been a partner of your past life, then surely you will have a different kind of love and respect for her in your mind and towards you, which will be understood only after looking deeply. Take some time out of the life of this part and look into your wife's eyes.

Sometimes a strange love and attraction arise for a woman or a man on seeing it at a time and many times, on seeing someone, hatred arises towards him. According to Hinduism, the memories of millions of births are preserved in our mind or conscience and they are not clearly understood by us. But by having that memory, we consider a person or a place to have been seen in the past, even when we met a person for the first time or went to someplace for the first time in this life. Yet they seem familiar to us. The face of a person may have changed but seeing him and meeting him gives us a strange feeling. Sometimes our relationship becomes so deep that we want to spend life with him, but still, it is necessary to think about why our attraction towards any person arises in our mind? 8851392182

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