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June 25, 2021 106 people Latest news

Retrogate Planets always give inauspicious results in any horoscope because retrogate planets move in the opposite direction, hence their results will be inauspicious. If any planet is retrogate, then it will give auspicious or inauspicious results according to the horoscope of each person. For example, when Jupiter is retrogate, there is no difference in the effect of giving auspicious or inauspicious results, that is, in case of a Jupiter giving auspicious results in general in a particular horoscope, even if it is retrograde, it will give only auspicious results in that horoscope and in any particular horoscope.

In general, Jupiter giving inauspicious results will give only inauspicious results in that horoscope even if it is retrogate. Yes, due to retrograde, the behavior of the guru definitely changes, as in the case of retrogate, the guru sometimes delays in giving auspicious or inauspicious results. The same rules apply to other planets as well. Contact for more information 8851392182

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