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July 16, 2021 184 people Latest news

Ketu is giving inauspicious results, know how to understand

According to the position of the planet under whose influence we are, we get auspicious results. Whenever a planet is going to give its auspicious or inauspicious results in a strong form, then it starts giving some indications in advance. By taking these measures, increased problems can be avoided. Presented here is some information related to the inauspicious results of Ketu. Let's find out

  1. Abusive words come out of the mouth unintentionally.
  2. A dying or mad dog appears.
  3. A bird gives up its life after coming into the house.
  4. Suddenly good or bad news is heard.
  5. Problems related to bones have to be faced.
  6. Toenail breaks or starts getting damaged.
  7. There is a situation of falling and slipping at any place.
  8. Being delusional leads to ridiculous mistakes from the person.

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