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July 18, 2021 91 people Latest news

These 11 simple remedies for the moon will give happiness and prosperity

Moon represents mother and the factor of mind. If the Moon is inauspicious in the horoscope, there is an effect on the mind and mother. Moon is also the cause of restlessness and peace of the people. Know how to make Moon the giver of happiness and prosperity, try these 11 simple remedies.
11 Simple Remedies for Moon

  1. Devotion to Shiva.
  2. Monday fasting.
  3. Wearing pearls.
  4. Touching the feet of the mother every day.
  5. Sleep with water or milk in a clean vessel by the head and put it in the root of the kikar tree in the morning.
  6. Rice, white clothes, conch shell, lineage, white sandalwood, white flowers, sugar, bullock, curd and pearls should be donated.
  7. Take two pearls or two silver pieces and throw one piece in water and keep the other with you.
  8. Donating milk or water is forbidden if there is a moon in the sixth house of the horoscope.
  9. If the moon is 12th, then do not feed or give milk to the virtuous or sadhu.
  10. Donate white things like curd, sugar, rice, white clothes, 1 pair of Janeu, along with Dakshina on Monday.
  11. It is preferable to chant 'Om Soma Somay Namah' 108 times daily.

Note: Do these measures only after showing the horoscope to a specialist. For more details please contact us! 8851392182

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