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July 20, 2021 97 people Latest news

Be careful, do not do these 9 things at all during Rahu Kaal, otherwise, you will repent

Know which works should not be done during the Rahu period

Rahu Kaal is not considered a proper time in astrology. Rahu is a Tamas Asura. Rahu has no head and rides on a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Special consideration of Rahu Kaal is considered necessary on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday. In the rest of the days, Rahu Kaal has no special effect. Therefore, during the period of Rahu, the following works are considered taboo.

Let us know which works should not be done during Rahu Kaal:

  1. New business should not be started during Rahu period.
  2. Do not do marriage, engagement, or home entry work during Rahu Kaal.
  3. If you are planning to travel somewhere, do not start the journey during this period.
  4. One should also avoid buying and selling during this period as it can also cause loss.
  5. Any auspicious work started during this period is not completed without hindrance, so do not do this work.
  6. During Rahu Kaal, one should not do fire, travel, purchase, and sale of any item, read and do the work of books.
  7. Vehicles, houses, mobiles, computers, televisions, jewelry, or any other valuable item should not be bought during Rahu Kaal.
  8. Do not do religious work, Yagya etc. during this period.
  9. Do not even travel for any important work during this period.

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