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July 24, 2021 86 people Latest news

These signs are found before Saturn is inauspicious

According to the position of the planet under whose influence we are, we get auspicious results. Whenever a planet is going to give its auspicious or inauspicious results in a strong form, then it starts giving some indications in advance. By taking these measures, problems can be avoided. Let's find out.

  1. Before Saturn is inauspicious, sleep starts troubling during the day.
  2. Suddenly there is an argument with a handicapped or very poor and dirty person.
  3. Some part of the house collapses.
  4. Iron causes injury etc.
  5. Domesticated black animals like a black dog, black cow, black buffalo, black goat or black rooster, etc die.
  6. There is a quarrel or tension with the person doing low-level work.
  7. Oil is spread from the hands of the person.
  8. The person's beard, mustache, and hair growth.
  9. A dirty material falls on the clothes or gets a stain or a situation of wearing dirty clothes instead of wearing clean clothes is created.
  10. There is an opportunity to go to dark, dirty and suffocating places.

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