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July 30, 2021 80 people Latest news

These signs are found before the Sun is inauspicious

The planets give their inauspicious effects in transit and dasha, antardasha and pratyantar dasha. According to the position of the planet under whose influence we are, we get auspicious results.
Whenever a planet is going to give its auspicious or inauspicious results in a strong form, then it starts giving some indications in advance. By taking these measures, increased problems can be avoided. Some such early signs are being described here-

Signs before the Sun is inauspicious-

  1. If the Sun is giving inauspicious results, then the things that give light in the house will be destroyed or the source of light will be closed, like fuse of a burning bulb, loss of copper object.
  2. Closure of a skylight located in a place from which sunlight enters from sunrise to noon.
  3. There can be many reasons for the closure of such a skylight, such as unintentionally stuffing it or closing it due to a bird's nest etc.
  4. Many problems have to be faced regarding the matters related to the Karakatva of the Sun.
  5. The house in which the Sun is in the birth chart harms the fruits associated with that house.
  6. If the Sun is the fifth lord, the ninth lord, then it gives trouble to the son and the father. If Sun is ascendant, then the person suffers from headache, fever and bile diseases.
  7. Facing the loss of prestige.
  8. Tension from any official class, trouble from the stateside etc.
  9. If the dispute is going on in court, adverse consequences.
  10. Stiffness and pain in the joints of the body. Drying of crop due to some reason.
  11. The person often starts spitting in his mouth and he has to spit again and again.
  12. The head collides with an object. Have to walk or stand in the hot sun.

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