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August 01, 2021 78 people Latest news

In the event of being inauspicious, Mars gives this sign, know

According to the position of the planet under whose influence we are, we get auspicious results. Whenever a planet is going to give its auspicious or inauspicious results in a strong form, then it starts giving some indications in advance. By taking these measures, increased problems can be avoided. Let's find out.

  1. Before Mars is inauspicious, some part of the land or any part of the property gets damaged.
  2. There is a fire in any corner or place of the house.
  3. It only happens on a small scale.
  4. A red colored object or an object of Mars is lost or destroyed in any other way.
  5. Breaking of any part of the house or of a brick.
  6. Sudden stoppage of the fire of Havan.
  7. Even after making many attempts to light the fire, the fire does not ignite or suddenly the burning fire stops.
  8. Vatagenic disorders start appearing in the body without any reason.
  9. Somehow minor accidents can happen.

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