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August 03, 2021 78 people Latest news

Seven ways to avoid the planet Saturn. Signs of Saturn being inauspicious

Some people are afraid of Shani's Sade Sati or Dhaiya. Even if there is no half sati or dhaiya, then people have to overcome the bad effects of Shani if their karma is bad. Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are cruel planets from whose influence no one can escape. If Saturn has a bad effect on you, then here are 7 simple and surefire remedies for you.
Due to the inauspicious effect of Saturn, the house or part of the house collapses or gets damaged, otherwise, the house gets sold due to debt or quarrel. The hair on the limbs falls out rapidly. Nails become weak. There can be a sudden fire in the house. Wealth, the property is destroyed by any means. Premature teeth and eye weakness occur.

Caution is necessary before the remedy:

  1. Keep teeth clean.
  2. Avoid perjury.
  3. If you drink alcohol then stop drinking.
  4. Do not play gambling, do not do interest business.
  5. Never disrespect father and son.
  6. Be faithful to the spouse.
  7. Stay away from the ideas of atheism and atheism.
  8. Always go to the temple with your head covered.

Seven remedies for Saturn:

  1. Donate shade.
  2. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  3. Offer liquor to Bhairav Baba.
  4. Feed the crow with bread daily.
  5. Keep the blind, handicapped, servants and scavengers happy and give them charity.
  6. Consume honey, mix black sesame with honey and donate it in the temple or keep honey in the house at all times.
  7. Donate sesame, urad, iron, oil, black clothes and shoes.

There is no need to be afraid of Shani's Sade Sati, Dhaiya or Shani's wrath. Yes, the effect of the planet Saturn definitely remains on our body, but it is important to know how long and how it lasts. Precautions are necessary from the above-mentioned measures. Do not take any measures and if you keep following the precautions then you will get freedom from the effect of Saturn. To know more details please contact us! 8851392182

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