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August 05, 2021 89 people Latest news

What should be offered to Shiva for the peace of which planet in Shravan?

Offer this to Shiva for the peace of the Navagrahas

There is no better time than the month of Shravan to do Shiva Sadhana and to remove the problems of your life. It has been said that 'Shiva is not the same giver'. This is absolutely true. There is only a need to do service and spiritual practice from the heart. The specialty is that Shiva's happiness can be obtained by offering only 1 lot of water. There is no law and god so simple and cheap.

Redressal of planetary defects can be done in the following way-

  1. For obstruction of the sun- Arkan with Ark flower and Bilva leaves.
  2. For obstruction of moon- Abhishek with milk and urn with white flowers.
  3. For Mangal Dosha- Abhishek with jaggery water or Giloy juice and offer flowers of blood color.
  4. For the defect of Mercury- Abhishek with the juice of Vidyapara and offer Bilva leaves.
  5. To remove the defects of Jupiter, anoint with Haridra mixed milk and offer flowers.
  6. To remove the obstruction related to Venus, do Abhishek with Panchamrit and offer white flowers.
  7. To remove the pain of Shani, do Abhishek with sugarcane juice and offer blue flowers.
  8. For the peace of Rahu-Ketu, offer Abhishek and Datura with hemp-mixed water or milk.

Similarly, honey for wealth growth, mustard oil for enemy peace, buttermilk made from cow-milk for the destruction of disease, cow-milk for happiness and prosperity, sugarcane juice for the attainment of opulence and anointing with holy water for peace. can do. To take full advantage, worship the whole month, chant as much as possible, follow the rules of rituals. If possible, get the worship done by a learned Brahmin. At least get it done on Monday. To know more details please contact us! 8851392182

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