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August 13, 2021 70 people Latest news

Love relationships are famous due to Rahu, know the strange symptoms of Rahu

It is generally believed that for a love affair, the strength of the twelfth house or connection with Venus and the strength of the fifth house is sufficient for a love affair, but Rahu is also responsible for this. Rahu is responsible for the development of love relationships.

Rahu is also responsible for the type of love relationship in which two persons meet each other by avoiding the eyes of society. Rahu is the causative planet of mystery and all the layers of mystery are due to Rahu. Rahu is that form of falsehood that appears as true even though it is a lie. The love relations which are bound by the strings of untruth or the relations which are for the show are the artificial truth of Rahu only. Rahu teaches a person to lie. No planet other than Rahu can give the art of hiding things, changing things, winning one's trust successfully.

Rahu is that form of one-sided love in which a person never comes in front of his love and still keeps watching everything silently, because the circumstances, planetary transits are not favorable, are not strong.

Rahu is that greed in which a person does not see anything good or bad, only his selfishness is visible. Consumption of meat, alcohol, bad addiction, cunning and cruelty, sudden anger, the evil behind the back are all the characteristics of Rahu. Rahu's specialty is not to let reality come to the fore and it is the religion of Ketu to expose all kinds of lies.

Ketu is the one who creates a rift in the relationship because Ketu is the rift. If there is a crack in the wall of the house, then understand that it is a bad effect of Ketu and if there is a crack in the relationship, if the house is divided or the definition of the relationship changes, then consider it to be the work of Ketu. Rahu has a hand in the dilemma. Rahu is the cause of any kind of unforeseen event. If you know from your heart that you are on the path of falsehood but you have the illusion that you are doing right, then it is Rahu who gives you this impression.

Rahu creates a tendency to deceive someone, if you are caught then it is also Rahu's fault because he is weak in your destiny in your horoscope and this situation will happen again and again. So stop following Rahu because when it speaks nothing else can be heard.

Just as Karna Pishachini gives you information about secret things, in the same way, if Rahu is strong in your horoscope, then you will come to know all kinds of secret things sitting. If you feel that everything is secret and something is being hidden from you or there are too many people talking behind your back, then this is also the magic of Rahu. For more details please contact us! 8851392182

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