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August 21, 2021 68 people Latest news

How IS the sun inauspicious?

Due to contamination of the east direction of the house.

  1. Insult to Vishnu.
  2. Not respecting the father.
  3. Waking up late.
  4. Performing night rituals.
  5. Violating the decree-justice.
  6. Slow results due to association with Venus, Rahu and Saturn.

If the Sun is auspicious, then a person with radiant face and eyes can also be a great politician or a big official of the government department. A person who gets angry according to his interests is fair-minded. Sun is best in the ninth and tenth house.

Sun disease:

The person loses his conscience.

The right side of the body including the brain is affected by the sun.

  1. Stiffness occurs in the body when the Sun is inauspicious.
  2. Spit remains in the mouth.
  3. Heart disease occurs, such as increased or decreased heartbeat.
  4. There is trouble in the mouth and teeth.
  5. There is a disease of unconsciousness.
  6. Headache persists.

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