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August 29, 2021 49 people Latest news

Read the messages of your mind through colors

Identify colors by their symbolic meanings

All colors are formed by the effect of the sun's rays. All the colors are mixed in the sun's rays. Many types of flora and fauna flourish and grow under the shade of the sun. In the same way, green, red and blue colors make a person healthy, successful and proud. Certain colors have definite psychological symbolic meanings in the selection of colors used in Hindu deities. Various colors convey the message of innovation, beauty and well-being along with utility in our daily life.

Colors have a strong effect on health and mind. In the charming atmosphere of colors, the mind remains happy and sadness goes away. Red color of roli-kumkum, yellow color of turmeric, green color of leaves, white color of flour are used in religious works. It is healthy, energizing and beneficial for us.

The colour red

Red color is supposed to make the human body healthy and the mind happy. This improves the health of the body and keeps the mind happy. It shows virility and self-respect. The red tika is a symbol of valor and victory. Often red roli vaccine is applied on the idols of all the deities.

In Hinduism, the same deities have been adorned with red color, which manifests the ultimate benevolence, wealth, brilliance, valor and might. The red color is given to those deities who have defeated the evil demons or demonic tendencies with their muscle power, weapons and physical powers.

Harsh, happy occasions are denoted by the color red only. The feeling of joy on marriages, births, various festivals is manifested by the color red. In the demand of woman, where red vermilion enhances her beauty, at the same time it also shows unfailing good fortune and husband's love.

Hindu philosophers have adorned Singh Vahini Bhagwati Durga with red clothes. There is a law to remove spiritual, physical and material trinity by worshiping him. The goddess of wealth Lakshmiji is also dressed in auspicious red clothes. Red color represents wealth, abundant wealth, prosperity and auspiciousness. To know more details please contact us! 8851392182

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