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September 10, 2021 52 people Latest news

Sun god among the planets: read 10 special things

  1. When Brahmaji was born after piercing the egg, the word 'Om' was uttered from his mouth. This Omkar is Parabrahman and this is the body of Lord Suryadev.
  2. Four Vedas emerged from the four faces of Brahmaji and the form which was created by meeting the radiance of Omkar is the Sun God.
  3. This Surya form first appeared in the universe, hence its name Aditya.
  4. One of the names of Suryadev is also Savita. Which means creator. From these the world has arisen. This is the eternal God.
  5. Sun is the most important deity among the Navagrahas.
  6. They have two sides. He is seated on a lotus seat; Lotus is adorned in both his hands.
  7. His complexion is red. His chariot with seven horses has only one wheel, which is called Samvatsara.
  8. The chariot has twelve areas representing the twelve months, six nemiyans in the form of seasons and three navels representing the four months. His main weapons are Chakra, Shakti, Pasha and Ankush.
  9. Once the demons defeated the gods and took away all their rights. Then Devmata Aditi worshiped Lord Surya to get rid of this calamity, due to which she incarnated from Aditi's womb and defeated the demons and established the Sanatan Veda Marga. That is why he is also called Aditya.
  10. Lord Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac. Their Mahadasha is of six years. For their happiness, they should be given surya arghya regularly. Their general mantra is - 'Om Ghrinim Suryaya Namah', it should be chanted daily for a certain number of times.

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