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Read the messages of your mind through colors

Saffron colour-

It is the color of renunciation, penance and detachment. In Indian religion, this color has been considered as a symbol of saintliness, purity, chastity, cleanliness and sophistication. Just as things get sparkled by heating in fire, their blackness and all the defects are removed, similarly the wearer of this color burns his passions.

Moving towards spirituality. It is a symbol of spirituality. It is the color of religious knowledge, tenacity, restraint and detachment. This color is a sign of auspicious resolution. The wearer of this color is always determined towards his duty and moral progress.

Green colour-

Green color is pervasive in all nature. It is a sweet color covering the trees and plants, the fields and the mountainous region. It gives peace to the mind and coolness to the heart. It is the color that gives happiness, peace and energy to man. Industriousness is evident from the colors red and green. The sages and sages made their spiritual progress in the pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of green shores of lush green mountain peaks, meadows to grasslands. The great books of the world, original ideas, ancient scriptures, Vedas and Puranas, etc., have been created in a green calm environment.

Yellow color-

This color symbolizes knowledge and learning, happiness and peace, study, scholarship, ability, concentration and mental and intellectual progress. This color excites and stimulates the brain. The clothes of Lord Vishnu are yellow. The yellow clothes are a sign of his limitless knowledge. Lord Shri Krishna is also adorned with Pitambar. The dhoti of Lord Ganesha is kept yellow and the dupatta blue or green. Worship of Ganesha is essential and necessary for any auspicious work. Yellow dhoti Ganesha is a Vighnaharta in all auspicious works.

Blue color-

The Creator has kept the blue color the most in the world. On our heads is the vast infinite blue sky. There is an abundance of blue color in the ocean and streams in the universe below. According to psychology, blue color is a symbol of strength, virility and bravery. Both Maryada Purushottam Shri Ramchandraji and Purushottam Yogeshwar Shri Krishna Bhagwan have spent their lives in protecting the entire humanity and fighting against the demons.

The color of these deities is blue. Lord Shiva is called Neelkanth. On churning the ocean, poison came out of it. If this poison was thrown on the earth, then apocalypse was certain. Whoever went inside his stomach, he would die. Lord Shiva was the only one who could hold that poison. He kept the poison in his throat and was called Neelkanth. Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, Surya and Devi, these five gods are famous in Hindu worship. In this, Shiva Mahadev is the most masculine that even snakes have become his ornaments.

White color

White color is a mixture of seven colours. White color symbolizes purity, purity, learning and peace. This manifests mental, intellectual and moral cleanliness. The color of knowledge and knowledge is white. Knowledge elevates us from worldly narrow sense and leads us to purity. White color provides moon-like coolness. Wearing pearl gives peace of mind. For more details please contact us! 8851392182

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