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October 24, 2021 36 people Latest news

Moon sign and planetary transits

Mercury's Vedhas :

The planet Mercury is auspicious in the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth, and eleventh house. When Mercury is inauspicious position, the person is intelligent and full of knowledge and qualities. Mercury placed in these houses is considered to be fifth, third, ninth, respectively The planet present in the first, eighth and twelfth house causes perforation. Since Moon is a friendly planet for Mercury, if the Moon is present in these houses, then there is no perforation and the person gets auspicious results of Mercury in transit.

Jupiter's Vedhas :

Jupiter is an auspicious planet and gives auspicious results in the second, fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh house. From the planet of the twelfth house, Jupiter in the second house is afflicted. Jupiter in the ninth house gets perforation from the tenth house, Jupiter in the ninth house gets perforation. If there is any planet in the eighth house, Jupiter in the eleventh house gets perforation. For more details please contact us 8851392182.

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