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November 03, 2021 120 people Latest news

These planets give terrible diseases, read shocking astrology secrets

Nowadays, research work is going on in Vedic research to prevent the malefic effects of planets by chanting and to benefit the person by optimizing the position of the planets. Many Vedic scientists believe in karma, but do not get the expected results after enough work, they consider it to be a bad effect on planets. They claim to remove not only domestic troubles, property disputes, obstacles in business and job, but also blood pressure, phlegm, cough, and facial freckles by chanting. Sun: Sun is the life-giver of the earth, but a cruel planet, it accelerates human nature. When this planet is weak, there are diseases like headaches, eye disease, and typhoid, etc. But if the Sun is in an exalted sign, then power gives happiness, material, and wealth. If the wrong effects of the Sun are being exposed, then fasting on the day of the Sun i.e. Sunday, and wearing Ruby, Laldi, Tamra, or Mahsuri gemstone can be done. For more details please contact us 8851392182.

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