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If you will do this remedy on the day of Mohini Ekadashi, then you will get the blessings of Mother Lakshmi along with Lord Vishnu.

According to the Hindu calendar, every year the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month is known as Mohini Ekadashi. All the Ekadashi dates that fall in the year are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. On this day, Shri Hari is worshiped with full rituals. The special significance of Mohini Ekadashi has been told. Mohini is the only female form of Lord Vishnu and this form is worshiped on this day. It is believed that observing the fast of Mohini Ekadashi liberates from all kinds of sins. Worshiping with a sincere heart also fulfills all the wishes. On the day of Mohini Ekadashi, do these measures to please Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi.

Luck will increase

On the day of Ekadashi, worship Goddess Lakshmi along with Shri Hari. Also worship the Dakshinavarti conch. Yellow color is very dear to Vishnu, so you should offer yellow fruits, yellow flowers, yellow clothes and yellow grains to him. Donate these things after worship. By doing this, the person is blessed with blessings and awakens his sleeping fortune.

Happiness and peace will remain in the family

In the evening of Mohini Ekadashi, light a lamp of cow's ghee and keep it in front of Tulsi. After this, while chanting the mantra Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah in the mind, circumambulate Tulsi Mata 11 times. By this remedy, unity increases in the family, and peace and happiness remains in the house.

Money related problems will go away

On Mohini Ekadashi, anoint Shri with conch shell and offer Kheer to Goddess Lakshmi. Offer Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu. After this, chant the mantra 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah' 108 times with a Tulsi garland. With a sincere heart, pray to solve the problem related to money.

Get rid of debt

If the debt on you has increased a lot and you are not able to repay it, then on the day of Ekadashi, offer water to the Peepal tree and light a lamp of ghee. While meditating on Shri Hari, circumambulate the Peepal tree. It will help in getting rid of old debt. For more details please contact us! 8851392182.

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