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November 25, 2021 16 people Latest news

Luck can be reversed by special measures of betel nut, know how to return the happiness of the house

The economy has been completely shaken due to the corona epidemic in the country and the world. It is also becoming difficult for people to run their own homes. The financial condition of every household has suffered a major setback. Now every effort is being made to bring business and jobs back on track. Today, through this article, let us know about some betel nut remedies which will help in improving your financial condition. It is worth mentioning that betel nut is the favorite of Ganapati. The measures related to this will definitely solve your financial problem.

Ways to increase luck

When betel nut is used in worship and it is worshiped by offering a janeu, then this unbroken betel nut becomes a symbol of Gauri Ganesh. After worship, keep the betel nut at the place where you keep your wealth. With this remedy, the grace of Lakshmi will remain in the house. You can keep betel nut in your safe by tying it in kalaw.

To get success in business

Under this remedy, worship Peepal tree on Saturday night and keep a one rupee coin with betel nut. Now the next day pluck a leaf from the Peepal tree and tie a red thread by placing the betel nut and coin on it. Now take it and keep it in your safe. Your business will definitely grow.

Attempts are failing

If you are trying again and again for some work, but despite this your work is not getting done, then this remedy related to betel nut can help you. While leaving home for that work, keep a couple cloves and betel nut in your purse. At the time of that work, keep the clove in the mouth and keep the betel nut in front of Ganesha in the temple. Your pending work will definitely be completed.

There is a problem in the marriage of the child

If there is any delay in the marriage of your children or if you are not able to find a good life partner, then you should do this special remedy of betel nut. Take betel nut and put it in a silver box after applying Abir and install it at the place of worship on the occasion of auspicious full moon. You will definitely get a good relationship and the marriage will be completed soon.

To solve problems at work

For this remedy, first of all take a betel leaf. Now make a swastika sign on it with vermilion and ghee. Now wrap Kalava on a betel nut and place it on this leaf and worship it. You will get freedom from any obstacle coming in your work in life. For more details please contact us! 8851392182.

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