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November 29, 2021 120 people Latest news

How to write Horoscope

Improve your writing

(1) When you write a horoscope, let your writing flow freely and poetically. Astrology is a branch of study whose domain can take a lifetime. Many astrologers, such as theorists, do not even believe in a single zodiac. To complicate things further, horoscopes must reach a wider audience and lose the subtlety and accuracy required for personal horoscopes. Therefore, the writing of horoscopes has developed into a holistic art, regarded as literature or poetry of astrology. It's entertainment, certainly important, but an entertainment after all

(2) Look at the most important astrological events of the week or month to start writing the horoscope. Beginners find it very difficult to read, understand and write the daily horoscopes for the twelve solar houses. Instead, focus on broad trends. Learn the basics of astrology and apply them in your writing to get more accurate, useful, and accurate horoscopes. Check the astrological blogs of the day or week and especially pay attention to the time of year, the movement of the planets (especially Mars and Venus), and the position of the moon. Use phrases like:

"The arrival of a new moon means that there are opportunities in it ...".

"Retrograde Jupiter (disappearing from) your sign indicates a streak of bad luck...".

"The slow movement of Uranus into your life could be a sign that you've waited a long time".

(3) Think of the people of each sign. It becomes easier and easier for social networks like Facebook to easily search for people's birthdays. Ask yourself if your reading fits the many personalities of people born under the same sign, if so, you are doing the right thing.

(4) Avoid generalizations or overly broad claims. This is difficult when you write for a large audience. However, it becomes easier as you pay more attention to the movement of the planets and stars. Try to find specific points when a little generalization is necessary as you write. For example, instead of saying "There will be an increase in communication," try to find the root of the cause. For example "communication will increase under the influence of Mercury on your sign", but the problem is, how will this happen in your career (Mercury will enter Capricorn) or in your love life (Mercury will enter Libra)?

"Libra's entry into Mercury may indicate little excitement in your love life and intimate relationships".

"You will get good news about your finances".

"This week, the transit of Jupiter may mean that your run of misfortunes is over".

(5) Avoid making important predictions every day. The main reason why people do not trust horoscopes is that they promise huge and significant changes almost every week. The careful astrologer realizes that these changes are as rare in our lives as they are in the stars. Instead, focus on the subtle changes in life. It holds the great moments which change the sentiments for the upcoming opportunities due to the movement of the planets. Making great predictions every day makes them more difficult to digest and takes away their meaning.

Since you're working with generalities, without birthdays or exact hours, it's nearly impossible to predict big changes that will shake everything up.

Splash your columns "probably", "it's possible" and "could" so readers won't feel like you're promising them anything.

(6) Read horoscopes to inspire you. Like any other form of art, you have to study other zodiac signs to write them. From beginner-level horoscopes in your local newspaper to experimental and wildly popular writings like free-will astrology and others, there's a lot you can learn from others. Astrology is not a perfect science. The strings are explained for equivalents. Keep your mind open to new forms, authors, and astrological signs and you will be a horoscope writer in time. For more details please contact us! 8851392182.

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