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Understand your planets

1) Find the planets Planets passing through different houses on the board affect your reading. The planets are spread across the table and are represented by various symbols.

(2) Learn about individual planets Planets are divided into two types: individual planets and outer planets Personal planets include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

The Sun symbolizes a person's identity and basic purpose. The Moon represents the way in which a person reacts and reflects on the events that he experiences in life.

Mercury is the ability to understand and relate to people and objects. Venus tells you what you feel and what you like. Mars represents your will and actions.

(3) Learn about the outer planets The outer planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune. Unlike the inner planets, these types of planets indicate different aspects of your personality.

Jupiter represents the way you integrate into society, as well as your personal growth.

Saturn represents your personal responsibilities and personal rules that you develop over time.

Uranus represents your ability to learn and grow.

Neptune conveys his thoughts and imagination.

Pluto symbolizes your depth and your ability to change and your personal growth by indicating personal exchange rates.

(4) Interpret your planets using houses and signs In order to read an astrological chart correctly, you must take into account the place, house, and what the planetary sign is supposed to do. Doing this will give you context about your personality and way of life.

The planets represent you - that is, what you like and what inspires you. The houses symbolize how and how to achieve the task assigned to you. On the other hand, these signs indicate which areas of your life and where you can expect some aspects of growth or change.

For example, if you have Uranus in Aries in the fourth house, your astrological chart reading would be: Uranus represents your ability to learn and grow. Aries is the sign that indicates ambition, passion and strong emotions. The fourth house represents home, family, and property. This could mean that you are passionate about personal relationships and learn and grow through your family. You should probably have a more passionate attachment and self-reliance to deal with your family. For more details please contact us! 8851392182.

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