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How to make planets favorable

The planets are representative of many objects. Below is are some of the direct representations of planets as this information can be used to perform remedies for planets to make them favorable.

  1. Sun- gold, copper, wheat, jaggery, saffron, poppy seeds, ghee, pink-colored clothes, sathi rice, red sandalwood, red rose, red-colored cow or dog, pink turban, bay fruit, red lotus flower, Coconut, red ruby.
  2. Moon - silver, bronze, milk, curd, rice, conch shell, white mussel, white clothes, white flowers, pure water, camphor, white cow, white dog, rabbit, white cat, white sandalwood, chakor, swan, snow, white pearl.
  3. Mars- copper, gold from the antagonism, saffron, musk, wheat, red sandalwood, red rose, vermilion, honey, red flower, lion, deer, lentil, red Kaner, red chili, red stone, red coral.
  4. Mercury- Bronze, stationery items, green clothes, banana, green vegetables, moong dal, parrot, earthen pot, ghee, green-colored stone, green-colored items, and emeralds from the golden age.
  5. Jupiter- Silver, lentils, gram, turmeric, saffron, yellow color, yellow things, wood, bronze, yellow flowers, musk, apple, frog, horse, ghee, peepal tree, yellow soil, yellow topaz.
  6. Venus - Silver, gold, jewelry, white sandalwood, fragrant substance, white flowers, milk, sugar candy, white soil, Kamdhenu cow, curd, bird, mica, potato, white stone, diamond.
  7. Shani- Iron, Iron articles, Blue clothes, Mustard oil, Black meat, Black pepper, Black clothes, Black gram, Black Surma, Buffalo, Blacksnake, Leather, Kulthi, Hot spices, Stone charcoal, Blue flowers, Blue Stone, Sapphire.
  8. Rahu- lead, snake, black color, black sesame, barley, mustard oil, black colored flowers, elephant, raw coal, mica, fish, warm clothes, electric instruments, nilgai, smoke, the planet which Rahu represents in the horoscope Onyx, the objects of that planet.
  9. Ketu- Iron, Rat, Bed, Pied dog, Pied complexion, Snake, Pee, Pied blanket, Lizard, Black-white mole, Pied cow, Cremation ground, Pied stone, Objects of the planet Ketu represents in the horoscope Garlic.

As per the Delhi astrologer list, the above information is not limited to the information provided. Astrology depends on many factors and remedies should be only be performed after advice from a Professional Astrologer. for more details please contact us! 8851392182.

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