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Nowadays, everyone needs to succeed in their job, whether it is a job, a company, a consultant, or any other field. Time is the most important factor in human success and failure. There are many examples of people from rags to rich people and from rich-ragas all over the world. It is common knowledge that the successes and failures of these people and nations were their own doing. They became rich because of their wise work and became poor because of their mistakes. However, if you believe in the logic of Vedic astrology, success or failure depends entirely on the connection between the planets in personal astrology. When you look at someone's life, it's like a stock market. Sometimes there is a bull market, sometimes a bear market. To find out when and how your life (Bull / Bear) will work, consult an experienced astrologer, and come up with an action plan called Karma to get the results. You can pass.


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