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April 26, 2022 34 people Latest news

At ASTROLOGER IN MUMBAI, we are known for our excellent BEST MARRIAGE ASTROLOGY services. Astrology has a role to play, but only if you believe in astrology. Many people, especially highly educated, modern, and loving people, may have a question: is astrology for marriage really helpful or should we trust astrology in marriage? We all know that marriage is more than a relationship between two people and their extended family. MARRIAGE ASTROLOGERS is very important in marriage. Parents want to analyze their spouse's constellations to make sure the stars are suitable for marriage. According to traditional belief, Venus is the groom's sign and Jupiter is the bride's sign. There are 36 canons in astrology for determining compatibility. The position of the star at birth and birthday determines the fate of the child. Sometimes they create doshas like Mangal Dosha or Shanidosha. People can find out if their marriage is late or early by doing a horoscope analysis. The seventh house of the natal chart shows marriage and relationships. According to Vedic Astrology, there are three types of Ghanaians and they are important Ghanaians for marriage. They are Devagana, Manushagana, and Rakshasa. There are two types of planets in this sign: promising planets and failed planets. Beneficial planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are the causes of early marriage. However, unfavorable planets like Sun, Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangara), Rahu, and Ketu are the causes of late marriage. Astrologers consider eight aspects similar to horoscopes. They are Varna or Klasse, Vaishya, Nakshatra, Yoni, Rashadi Patty, Gun, Kuta, and Nandy. The good compromise between the bride and groom is to choose Varna among them. Both must come from the same polish, or the groom's polish must be higher than the bride's. Use the strength equation to determine your spouse's physical condition. There are five types of personal assessments. These include animals (vanchars), small animals (chatushpads), aquatic animals (jalchars) and insects (whales). Spouses are compatible only if they both belong to the same Vaishya. The astrologer analyzes the suitability of the spouse according to the 27 birth stars or Nakshatra. There are also answers during the date of birth of the spouse. Another important aspect is Yoni or sexual compatibility. Compatibility with Rashi is another aspect of Rashya dipat in horoscopes. Compatibility with Ghana is also an important aspect. Compatibility is calculated based on the position of the moon on the spouse's signature represented by Rashi and the compatibility presence of three different spouses, such as Vata, Pitta, and Kapa. Horoscope analysis is traditionally considered appropriate for obtaining compatible profiles and living a happy and successful life.

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